Addictions and Accidents.

Me in the past 15 days [not including today because then the picture would be off centered]

I have become addicted to iced chai tea from Starbucks. I had an inkling this was occurring, but today it became official. I didn’t have chai tea at all yesterday [due to matters of circumstance] and almost fell asleep at my desk once. Waking up today, I felt more rested, but was dozing off on the bus and not in the best of moods. This included feelings of not wanting to go to work, not wanting to be productive, and not observing the world around me, rather letting it pass me by and passing by it by walking in fast pace- my major concern: walking in the sun to warm me up. I walked down 45th street with the intention of going to the Starbucks under the Marriot in Times Squre, however, I saw a Starbucks right on 45th, so I decided to go there. I began to cross the street, when a parade of 10 police cars started to line up and park on the opposite side of the road. Had the annual ten car police parade come early this year? Some police cars were backing up…one was parallel parking…and I became weary to cross in front of them because I thought they would arrest me for jay walking- or even scold me for jaywalking. Alas, they did not. and Alas, all the cops lined up on the side of a building as if they were waiting to be let into a television studio. hmm…

Three people were waiting on line in front of me and I couldn’t find my debit card as I waited. I found my corporate work card and paused for a moment considering that, but decided against it. I came across the card in the zippered part of the wallet where the change is held. I ordered my drink [grande iced chai tea light ice with skim milk]. It cost me 4.60 [maddd expensive]. I stated my name and stepped aside to wait. I saw the exact chai tea that I ordered, but it said “Matthew” on it. I was tempted to grab it but I waited. The loud-mouthed barista said “who ordered this iced chai tea” and I said “I did, but it doesn’t have the right name. It says Matthew”. She said, “what is your name?” I said, “Becky”. Everyone laughed.

I took the iced coffee. Sippin it, I walked out the door. Something like this happened:


With each sip of tea, I knew life was getting better. I had hope for my future. I knew things were going to be ok. I didn’t even get mad that they forgot to make the drink non-fat. Speaking of non-fat, I am looking forward to running on the boardwalk and getting my body back in shape- preferably the shape of a beautiful young woman. Anyway, two days ago we had a meeting at work- with the intention of staff bonding- and I consumed one beer.

Before the meeting started, I was joking with my friend/co-worker, imagine if I began chugging the drink or initiating drinking games in front of everyone. In the process of explaining this joke, my actions were overzealous resulting in the below.

I laughed it off as if I had just wet my pants. I did NOT want anyone to know I spilt a drink of myself. How embarrassing would THAT be?!

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