Staten Island Hurricane Cleanup

I was born and raised on Staten Island, NY. The island was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

My house received minimal damage in the storm. My family is doing well.

Yesterday, my sister, friends, and I volunteered at New Dorp Beach cleaning up debris and belongings of those who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy. This part of Staten Island is a 7 minute car ride from my home. A 10 minute bike ride.

We met and worked with a man from London who was set to run the NYC Marathon. When the race was cancelled he decided to take a detour to Staten Island.

Here is a photo of us. The would-be marathon runner is the man with the “PLYMOUTH PHYS ED. DEPART” t-shirt. I “accidentally” poked his muscular chest as often as I felt wasn’t creepy.

We started cleaning this ocean side deli. 

We found gatorade bottles, energy drinks, and beer cans. All filled, but contaminated.

Interior of deli.

House next to the deli. 

Mike lifting bags.

A tractor pulling a boat. 

We did a lot of sweeping and putting into garbage bags.

Photos found were set aside for safe keeping.

This house completely crumbled. 

Kristen, Stephanie, and Emily pose.

Soup, hot chocolate, PB&J sandwiches etc. were provided. 

There were points, while cleaning up this lot, that it felt crowded. Which is a good thing. It was so nice to see so many people volunteer. 

End of the day.


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0 thoughts on “Staten Island Hurricane Cleanup

      1. Since I live on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, compared to the suffering endured on Staten Island, you might think I spent it at Disney World. I never lost power and there was no flooding by me. The tree behind my brownstone uprooted, but fell in such a way no property was damaged. I work in Tribeca so my company had no electricity and was forced to close for the week. I did some work from home. I was the first one back in the office this morning. I threw out the sour milk. I told my friend, Milton, that I’m suffering survivor’s guilt. He also got off easy on the Upper East Side. He told me not to feel guilty for when the tsunami hits New York “next time” that’s when he and I will get hammered.

  1. Go Becky! I’m so glad that you and your family are safe. I kept asking Kim and was so relieved to hear you were all OK. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who were impacted by this horrendous storm.

  2. What a relief to see an update from you. Thank you for your volunteering and thanks for letting us know how you and your family are doing. I’m relieved to know you all fared well.

  3. I’m donating to American Red Cross today. I will be thinking of the people who’s lives are affected by the storm (especially those who’s homes and businesses are in these pictures). Sending good thoughts from California.

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