SUNDAY, 4/19/15

I woke up this morning

Looked at the time on my cable box.

It was 6:37am.


“This is great,” I thought to myself

“It is so early and I feel wide awake. I never feel this awake so early in the morning. I will get up, get coffee and go for a bike ride. I will be so productive,” I said.

I stood up and got out of bed.

I looked at my iPhone 6.

The time on the iPhone read 10:33am.


“Huh?” I thought to myself.

I looked back at the cable box. 6:37am.

I looked at my iPhone. 10:33am.

I realized the cable box must have froze on 6:37.

In one second, I lost 4 figurative hours of my life.

It was a weird feeling to think it was one time, then realize it was another.

“Ok, then,” I thought.

I left my house and drove to Dunkin Donuts.

I got a medium iced coffee with almond milk.


I drove to the South Beach boardwalk on Staten Island.

I got out of my car.

I kicked a pinecone.



I walked onto the boardwalk.

I put my hair in a pony tail.


I took out my iPhone

and put on the Henry Winkler episode of the Marc Maron WTF podcast.

I walked to the rail

and stretched my calf


while watching a baseball game.


I jogged from the boardwalk to Fort Wadsworth.

I saw a woman take a photo of her cute dog puppy. Untitled-1
I jogged back.


I drove home.

Then drove to Jersey City


to meet my friends Kristen and Stephanie

for brunch.

Here is a photo of me and Kristen.

IMG_8449 copy

I ordered a spinach, broccoli, and green pepper omelet.

Can’t forget the potatoes. haha.


Great conversation and company.


I drove back to Staten Island.

Posed for a photo in the kitchen

with my Mother and sister.


We ate our first BBQ dinner of the season

inside because it was chilly outside.

My Father sported his Boston Celtics sweatshirt and Cincinnati Reds cup.


I looked in the mirror.

A giraffe kissed me on the head.


It was so great.

A great day.

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