1 Second Everyday for a Year – AGE 26


I captured one second of video a day from 3/17/13-3/17/14.

Today, March 17, 2014 was the end of year two of my one second a day for a year video.

Year two begins with a video of me, my cousins and sister celebrating St. Patrick’s day on Staten Island.

I cannot believe this day is here. March 17th. I’ve been thinking about this day for months and months and months. “March 17th is the day my video will be over,” I thought. It was a fleeting thought because the moment wasn’t here. I knew I had months. Then weeks. Then days. Even four days ago, I was thinking about this day and how it was approaching but still had to wait a few days for it. And now it’s here.

That is the weirdest part of life. How there are events that you wait for. Things you build up. Lead up to. Sometimes get nervous for. Prepare for. And then it happens and it is over.

This year was good and sad too. My sister Emily was proposed to. I was on two great house improv teams at the PIT. I was in a PITtv commercial for cover gurl even though I kept forgetting my lines. I left working full time at MTV and only work freelance now. I left to pursue my dream of comedy. I did the 40-mile bike tour. I pulled three discs in my lower back. My grandmother, Nana, passed away. That was the saddest part of this year. She was a woman who was so important in my life, my whole life. I met a new baby cousin and saw my other baby cousins grow into toddlers.

I went to California. I went to Toronto, Canada. I went to Dineyland and saw a little boy in awe as he went through the “It’s A Small World” ride.

It was a great year. And now it’s over. And a new year has begun. And I wonder what will happen in the next year until the next March 17th. Will I think of myself now, then? As the next year has ended and a year-older-me is laying in bed writing a summary of that past year. And year-older-self thinks, “I remember when I finished this last year and I was lying in bed writing this.”

My sister’s wedding is coming up in this next year. In only two weeks. I have to write my speech for that. So much to do. So much happening. What’s the point of it all? We are all experiencing things and making connections with people and maybe that’s the most important thing. Making connections with people and doing things that scare you and following vulnerability and following things that scare you and doing things that scare you.

I’m going to go watch ER now in bed and stay up later than I should it is now 12:14am. Goodnight.


Inspired by the idea by Cesar Kuriyama which can read more about here – http://1secondeveryday.com/


YEAR ONE: https://vimeo.com/62347561


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0 thoughts on “1 Second Everyday for a Year – AGE 26

  1. Fun video Becky and happy birthday a month later. Very sorry to hear that your beloved grandmother bought her rainbow, but at least you got to appreciate the pleasure of her company for your first 25 years. Congratulations to Emily and her pending nuptials. I am confident that you will not let any of the speeches in “Bridesmaids” offer you guidance. But if you’re stuck for material, you can always refer to that old chestnut, Pointy Birds by John Lillison, England’s greatest one-armed poet, who was the first person ever to be killed in a car crash, in 1894.

    Pointy birds
    Pointy, pointy.
    Anoint my head
    Anointy, nointy.

    Did I mention that Lilison is better known as Steve Martin?

    Seriously, you struck a chord when you referred to anticipating a date, the date arrives and then, 86,400 seconds later, it’s gone. It’s now almost a month past March 17th. It sounds like you working on a threepeat. I hope so.

    1. Hello! Thank you for watching my one-second video. Yes I have already started my next year and am over a month into that one. Thank you for the advice on the bridesmaids speech!! The wedding happened two weeks ago and it was great!! Interesting how Lilison is better known as Steve Martin…who would have guessed it.

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