1 Second Every Day for a Year FIRST MONTH PREVIEW

9 months ago, I watched Cesar Kuriyama’s “1 Second Everyday” video. It inspired me and changed my life.

In his 30th year of life, Cesar took a year off work and filmed one second of every day for a year. He put the seconds together in a sequence. Some good moments, some bad. The result is the video below.

I decided I wanted to do the same thing.

I began March 17, 2012. Will finish March 17, 2013.

Here is a preview of the first month.

The trip I took that month was to Aruba with my family for my Dad’s 60th birthday.

It was a great trip besides the fact my mother broke her back (and a rib) while on a motorboat/raft ride in the ocean. True story.

Be sure to check back in March for the full year of video!

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