The Airborne Toxic Event: What Really Went Down

I went to The Airborne Toxic Event Concert with my friend Maryellen last night at Webster Hall. The first picture below portrays the exact information I just stated in the previous sentence. [see below]

The venue was decorated with six upside down umbrellas. They changed hues as a result of colorful filters on reflecting lights.

One of the fans held up a “peace” sign.

More lights shoned.

The audience was encouraged to clap along to the song’s beat.

When the concert ended, the main vocalist [Mikel] slipped down off the stage into the crowd. He and his fans hugged each other as if they attempting to break a world record for biggest group hug. Mikel hung around, saying hi to everyone. Maryellen and I made our way to the front.

This is the moment when Mikel laid eyes on MaryEllen. Mikel is thinking, “Damn, look at this hot piece of lady”.

Maryellen smiled. Mikel pursed his lips. Mikel told Maryellen he liked her hat.

Then I took a picture with Mikel. I told him he was a creative genius and it was amazing what comes out of his head. I smiled a lot. He acted humble and said, “not really”. It was so funny. He has such a chiseled chin.

Mikel took the time to say hello and take pictures with all his fans. One girl revealed to him she’d “been waiting months to see the concert”. Mikel hugged the girl. One 23-year-old man said, “I just came out to my parents today.” Mikel hugged the guy. One girl said, “I used to listen to your freshman year in college and sob for hours. Does This Mean You’re Moving On was my favorite song. Then I would solitarily eat Twinkies by the 2 dozen.”He looked into my eyes and realized I was talking about myself. I was the one who used listened to his music while I sobbed and ate Twinkies by the 2 dozen.. Mikel took out a smushed Twinkie from his pocket and we shared it.

Maryellen and I showed our excitement about the night through making this face. [there was a Twinkie in my mouth when this was taken]

It was a great night.

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