Staten Island Is Pretty…For Real.

When I say I’m from Staten Island people usually laugh or say “hah” with emphasis, as if this borough of New York City does not have a reputable reputation. [I realize it is not proper phrasing to say “reputable reputation”, but it makes the sentence seem stronger] There are beautiful parts of Staten Island. I know what you are thinking…”No there aren’t”. Well, take a look at these pictures I snapped today and judge for yourself. If you are an actual Criminal or Civil court judge, then submit your opinion in the “comments” section to prove that I am right.

These first pictures are from Arthur Von Briesen Park located in the Rosebank area of Staten Island:

[Manual focus rocks my socks]

Next pictures are from Fort Wadsworth:

Last pictures are from the South Beach Boardwalk:

I like to call this picture “Portrait of a Dreamer” because I have so many dreams…and it’s a self-portrait of my shadow:

If you still aren’t convinced of Staten Island’s beauty, just take a quick glimpse of the picture below and you will be.

That is my new Myspace picture.

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