Starbucks Closed Due to Hurricane: Mother Freaks

“Oh my goodness. Thank goodness Starbucks is open, or else I would have been upset”, said my Starbucks addicted mother this morning.

She said it minutes before she found it shut down. Because of Hurricane Irene, many stores on Staten Island are closed.

A sign was taped to the door.

My sister and mom stared at the sign. “It can’t be,” my mother uttered, it just can’t.

We walked back to the car.

Emily called the other 3 local Starbucks on Staten Island. Her determination wasn’t enough. They were all closed too.

“Jinkies,” my mom said. She loves Velma from Scooby Doo. She remembered the food store Stop and Shop has a Starbucks in it. We drove there. Emily went inside. My mom and I waited in the car. I watched an employee smoke by the sandbags.

Ten minutes passed. Twelve minutes passed. I got some texts from my sister. She is the white boxes. I am green.

Yes, my sister is 25 years old. I am 23. We still refer to our mother as “Mommy”.

Emily emerged from Stop and Shop after a total of 20 minutes. Two Frappachinos in hand. One for herself, one for my mother. [I had medium iced coffee with milk from Dunkin’ Donuts prior]

My mother took a sip. “Oh yeah,” she said. She revved up the car.

Emily posed with her drink. She smiled.

All was right with the world.

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  1. This is so true. I was up visiting my sister Felicia just 2 weeks ago. We went to her favorate watering hole 2 x every day .It makes her so Happy ! Love you ,thanks for the memories!!!

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