Plaid Appreciation Day, 2010

Today is Plaid Appreciation Day, 2010.

This is a bi-yearly celebration. It happens every other year. It is too exciting to happen every year.

I began wearing plaid on June 28th 2007. I got my first plaid shirt from Ann Taylor, a fancy store for Ladies. After that, the obsession began. In honor of plaid day, I wore plaid to work. [see below]

It kind of looks like I’m pretending to fly.

When my sister and I were younger, we used to balance ourselves on kitchen stools and take pictures to try and make it look like we were flying. [See Below]

and my sister:

You know what, I think it really looks like we were flying. I’m sure my dad, who was power-washing the deck, agrees.

We used to have a good time as children…just hanging out, imagining things, playing the sport of “polo”. Emily was first class in her polo class. I came in last because I never practiced.


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