My Summer Friday

The television company I work for offers employees “Summer Fridays”. I get off every other friday depending on the greatness of my work load. I love summer fridays. It is the one thing that makes me feel like summer is really here, besides wearing bikinis. I am no longer a student. I no longer get to spend my summer sleeping and eating red, white, and blue popsicles. My life-friend/co-worker Meaghan suggested I document my day. Due to an on-going blackmail scandal, I do whatever she tells me. Here is it.

7:50am: I awoke at my grandmother’s house dressed in my mother’s Pajamas. I sat on the edge of the bed questioning how this happened.

8:15am: Grandmother ate Cheerios as Mother stood staring at the stove.

9:14am: I idled in Dunkin Donuts drive through line.  

9:16am: I drank my Medium Iced Coffee, no sugar in one 2 minute gulp. I spit up on my new dress.

10:05am: I attempted to get some color but my 2% milk skin rejected the sun’s rays.

10:09am: I gazed at the Verrazzano Bridge and cried.

10:14am: I saw it was 10:14am. I had a date with my friend Kristen at 10:30am. Like the Alice in Wonderland “White Rabbit” I said, “I’m late. I’m late. For a very important date.” I hopped to my car passing two frail elderly women. 

10:25am: I stopped home to get my bathing suit. I pet my dog as a means of conveying, “I love you” because her hearing is slowly fading. 

10:33am: I arrived to Kristen’s house just as she got there. 

10:33am: “You were almost late,” I told her. She closed her eyes and smiled.

10:34am: We dragged in her garbage cans. This was my favorite part of the day.

11:01 am: We lounged by her pool. 

11:04am: I ate potato salad and a chicken cutlet sandwich w/ fresh mozz cheese and balsamic dressing. I threw the half I didn’t eat into the bushes. Kristen’s neighbor is a scavenger. 

1:50pm: Kristen played the song, “I’ll Stand By You”. She made me sing along then insisted on giving me “free” singing lessons. The ironic part was that I was standing by her as I sang. 

3:50pm: Later, my sister and I headed to the Jersey Shore. She drove as she gripped the middle console. 

4:10pm: She held her cocoanut mocha frapp with her pinky sticking out.

4:20pm: I put my feet on the dashboard. 

5:00pm: Emily showed me the beach house she rented with her friends. 

5:20pm: She walked on the beach.

5:24pm: My feet touched the ocean water for the first time of the season.

5:29pm: I contemplated the meaning of life. 

6:18pm: I left my sister and drove alone. It was windy and I feared my hair would tangle in one large knot forcing me to get a crew cut. 

6:44pm: I arrived to my cousin’s house. We immediately started to swing dance. 

7:12pm: I ate this cheese burrito smothered in cheese. That sentence was redundant. 

11:00pm: We watched an old home video that I had never seen. Their dog stared at me.

11:01pm: I watched myself swing on a rope; dressed as a child-ghost. 
I went to bed and dreamed that it was 10:34am when Kristen and I pulled in those garbage cans.

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