My Massage Experience…

My parents gave me massage gift certificate for Christmas 2009 and I redeemed it today, even though it was past its expiration. My mom is a smooth talker when it comes to negotiating with sales people.

This was the first massage I’ve had in years and I didn’t quite know what to expect. Here is what happened:

I was taken into a side room of the salon. My first thought was “It’s nice and warm in here”. They keep the room warm, I found out, because the woman soon told me to “remove everything but my panties”. Part of me knew that was coming. I assumed I would just have to take off my shirt, not my pants too. She left the room. I got undressed and got under the blanket, putting my head in the face holder at the end of the table. I didn’t want to be rude when she walked back in, so I put my elbows on the table to hold up my head, smiling at her when she walked in. I kept looking at her, then began to feel silly.

“Liebestraum” was playing from the CD player. That is one of my favorite piano pieces. I was impressed. The environment was extremely relaxing.

Martha [not sure her name, but she looked like a martha], took a piping hot white towel and put it on my back which felt great. I then realized she was cleaning me off before she began the massage. She wiped down my back, arms, then legs. I felt insulted that she thought I was dirty. I took a shower right before I got there.

She poured baby oil on my back and began the massage. She asked me if it was ok and I gave two thumbs up.

Things were going well. Tension in my back was being released. Soon Martha’s hands approached my neck and I began daydreaming. The scenario came into my head what I would do if she started to choke me. I concluded I would first head butt her, begin to squirm, and kick her from behind with my legs. Would I have enough time to do so before I passed out?

I then thought about what would happen if the fire alarm went off and everyone had to run out of the building quickly. Would I grab my shirt? or just run out in a towel? Would I even have time to grab the towel? Would Martha save me over herself? Would I save Martha over myself?

I wondered if she had extremely strong hands from all the exercise she got from performing massages. They must be in really good shape.

After this one experience, I have become addicted to massages. I will get one once a week for the next thirty years. Here is me, relaxed, after the massage.

My dog was relaxed too:

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  1. you’re supposed to be relaxing! not having horrific thoughts of everything bad that could happen. hahaha.

    your dog is so sweet and your house looks so christmassy : )

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