My Friend Skip

Last night I had a dream that I was set to run an 8-mile half marathon with no preparation. Would I be able to physically reach to the finish line?

I had a running partner, but cannot remember who it was. If it was you, the person reading these words, let me know. It was early morning and I pacing arount a hotel resort. I remember being really concerned about my choice of running sneakers. In real life, I recently purchased a pair of green ASICS. In dream life, I obsessively thought, “I can’t wear new sneakers. Everyone knows you have to break them in first. My feet will be destroyed if I run in spanking new kicks.”

This is true. You can’t run a marathon with new sneakers. They are too stiff. They will damage your feet. Just like you can’t hike the Colorado Rockies with new sneakers or jump rope. I wanted to look fresh so I wore new white and red shoes in the 2006 Jump Rope Jamz Competition. I left the auditorium that day with swelling heel blisters after being defeated by “Little Bratz”, a group of four twelve year olds.

The picture below is me in my last Skip competition. The audience was screaming this chant: Cinderella, dressed in yella, went upstairs to kiss her fella. By mistake she kissed a snake, How many doctors did it take?” I made it up to 752 doctors to aid Cinderella before my new sneaker got caught in the rope. I fell to the ground and landed on my left knee. It shattered.

Moving forward, no one would allow me to enter in competitions. To this day, I am embarrassed thinking about the loss and how it defamed my reputation to Skip. People in the jump roping competition business call the sport “Skip”. I haven’t Skipped since.

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