Morning Energizing: Dance Edition

At work, there is an alarm that goes off every morning at 10:08am. It comes from the cubicle next to mine. No one else is in the office yet when I hear it. I’m just kidding. That is just an excuse I give to snoop in other people’s desk drawers. I was “investigating” the alarm’s point of origin when when my cubicle-mate Jenny walked into work blasting Amy Winehouse’s song Valerie. I got so nervous she would catch me snooping that I broke out into dance. It resulted in this energizing dance session. I am the person you see first in the skirt. Jenny is the other human in the video. Jenny did not know I was taping her.


Soon after this video was taken, we both had asthma attacks. I’m uploading this entry from the Emergency Room. If you want to donate money to help us pay for inhalers, write in the comment section how much money you can wire to me. I’ll keep 80% of it. Jenny will get 20%. I know that is an unfair disparity of percentages, but I’m in major debt and need the money more than her.

Here is the Talent Release for I forced asked Jenny to sign. She biasedly changed some of the details. She doesn’t want me to succeed in life.

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