MESSY ROOM ALERT: Tips For Organization

Some people say you can tell what a person’s room looks like by what their desk at work looks like…

Here is my desk:

Here is my room:

Yeah, I would say that statement is pretty accurate. Should I be embarrassed by my room? Maybe. Should I not have posted these pictures? Probably. Will my mother be mad I did? Definitely. I do think my lack of organization has a negative effect on my life. I have lost a bunch of debit cards [leaving them in the black check thing at restaurants. Someone had a nice $26 dollar meal on me]. I have lost one or two digital cameras. I have lost my blackberry. The two things I never lose are metro cards and children. I know I can’t lost my metro card because then I can’t ride the bus to get to work. And while babysitting, I know I can’t lost children because the parents would be mad upset. [And I am a responsible person]

I am trustworthy, yes, just a little unorganized when it pertains to my own things. This morning I had to run downstairs quickly to pick up a package. The delivery man was waiting so I had to rush a bit and I could not find my building ID card. I checked my pockets. My desk. Dumped out my purse. I finally ran to someone down the hall and asked to borrow theirs. Returning after the package was taken care of, I sat at my desk and saw this. It was right in front of me the whole time.

I am going to make an effort to be more organized. I genuinely think I was born with a disorganization gene and there are some things I genuinely can’t change, but I am genuinely going to try. [that is for all you haters who said I couldn’t use the word “genuinely” three times in one sentence] When I return home from work, I go to my room, take off my clothes and throw them on the floor. [I then change into more comfortable clothes, in case you were wondering] Maybe it is laziness, but I leave my clothes on the ground thinking, “I’ll pick them up later”. Then I never do. [enter dramatic music and a woman’s scream]

Here are 5 tips I came up with to help me get my life together:

1. Get Rid of Things. This includes clothes that I don’t have room for. Jewelry I don’t wear but say I will. And that Judy Garland’s Head sculpture that I pray to in my closet…I mean uh…

2. Make To-Do Lists. Number one on the list should be “give away clothes”. Number two should be “clean room”. ┬áNumber three should be “make buffalo chicken nachos”.

3. Don’t Purchase More Clothes. Unless they are really cute.

4. Make My Bed Every Day. My room is sure to look 90% neater if the bed’s made at least, especially if my mother does it.

5. Don’t make excuses.Bringing Home Baby is on TLC right now, I can’t clean”, is NOT a good excuse.

These steps will surely be effective. Updates to follow. Do you have any good tips to help me keep my room clean?

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  1. Organised chaos…lol… that’s what I would call it- you know, the kind that looks like chaos to the outsider but is completely under control to the user… :o)… ooh.. I see you like MUSE… I love MUSE…

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