Mavis Beacon [and Becky] Teaches Typing…

I voted yesterday…

Please excuse my hap-hazard appearance [including, but not limited to my uncombed hair]…I was home sick the whole day [except when out voting]. It felt very good to vote. Of course I just alternated filling in Ronald McDonald and Mavis Beacon for each candidate, but at least I exercised my American right as a citizen.

I think it’s only fair to include Mavis Beacon in the vote, to thank her for all her help and support she gave me in learning to type quickly, and efficiently. Although I was only a child at the time, I was the inventor of Mavis Beacon and was featured on the educational game’s packaging.

This is now considered the “special edition” version, because it was discontinued immediately after being released. It was too contraversial. PETA reached out and argued about the genuine Dalmatian fur I was sporting. Of course, my peers in school made my life a living Hell…by hanging misletoe’s everywhere and running around singing “Who Let the Dogs Out”…That, to me, is a living hell.

Anyway, I have a copy of the game’s cover framed in my basement. Guests see it when they come to visit and can’t believe how inspirational I was at such a young age. I loved playing this game in computer class. It was like a race against time…and a race against that big frog-lizard.

Mavis Beacon was my first love. Alex Trebec was my second love. More about that on my next blog. Goodbye.

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0 thoughts on “Mavis Beacon [and Becky] Teaches Typing…

  1. 1. Is that really you because I am dying.

    2. I fucking hated Mavis Beacon.

    3. You’re okay though (only if you answered yes to item 1.)

  2. I also loved mavis beacon. It made computer class in 5th & 6th grade fun! I dont have a home computer anymore, just a not-so-smart-phone. I wish they had one for android but that would kind of defeat the purpose, seeing as androids dont have keyboards. lol
    Its pretty cool that u got to be involved in that. Was that really genuine dalmation fur? I didnt know they even did that. I thought it was just Cruella Deville (spelling?) that used dog fur. Id get mad about it too but I wouldnt make a computer program discontinue just because of a picture. I never would have guessed it was real if I hadnt been told. Oh well. Thanks for the entertaining reading! 🙂

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