It’s A Phone!

A new life was brought into the world this morning.

Today my replacement IPHONE 4 arrived in the mail. I sat at my desk knowing the Due Date had arrived. I waited and waited for the mailman. Finally he arrived and handed me this package.

I kissed the package.

I ripped the box open. It was really strenuous for me to do so.

I needed to perform Emergency Surgery.

The box opened with no trouble.

I saw my baby Iphone4 for the first time. It new right away I was its mother.

I cried for three minutes.

I kissed the new baby and looked up to the sky.

I plugged in the connector into the phone and computer.

The phone powered on.

I cried again for another three minutes.

I told the phone I would not lose it, like I lost its sister. I told it I would never charge it overnight. I told it I would love it as if it were my replacement IPhone4.

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0 thoughts on “It’s A Phone!

    1. hahahah. I heard you aren’t supposed to charge it over night because that fries the battery….and I know you like grilled and not fried. chaCHING. just kidding.

      I’ve heard that you shouldn’t do it…but then some people say it doesn’t matter and you can do it. So it’s up to you.

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