I Won The Lottery

I won $40 dollars in a “WIN FOR LIFE” lotto scratch off today!

With my winnings, I could buy: 

1) 20 more WIN FOR LIFE lotto tickets
2) 30 small cups of work cafeteria iced coffee
3) 400 pieces of Bazooka chewing gum
3) One blouse from Ann Taylor LOFT
4)  Two blouses from Forever 21
5) Nachos, a burrito, and salted margarita on the rocks from the Mexican restaurant Blockheads

With my winnings, I could NOT buy:

1) A 14K gold plated Playstation 3
2) A sterling silver plated MacBook Pro
3) A sparkling diamond encrusted lazy susan
4) A fur coat
5) A fur hat
6) A fur dog
7) A corporate party catered with 15 Happy Meals
8) A 15th birthday party catered with 400+ bowls of Wonton Soup
9) A retirement party catered with 900 pieces of Bazooka gum
10) The rights to Beyonce’s song “Run The World”
11) Howie Mandel’s eye brow (either one)
12) A date with Mario Lopez
13) South Detroit
14) A speaker system where the speakers are hidden in fake rocks
15) A set of golf clubs
16) A Kindle Fire
17)  A back yard fire pit
18) A facial from the Elizabeth Arden Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey
19)  A New York City bus
20) 1000 baby kittens
21) 2000 baby lizards
22) The Chicago Bulls
23) A cab ride from Manhattan to Staten Island
24) A cab ride from Manhattan to Southern California
25) A cab ride from Southern California to Key West, FL
26) 3 weeks of tap dance lessons
27) 30 copies of The Huffington Post
28) The Huffington Post
29) A penguin
30) 700 balloons that say, “T-Rex Lives”

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0 thoughts on “I Won The Lottery

  1. How do they expect you to “live” on $40? Not even as an annuity could you live on a mere $40. Now if it had been an annuity of, say, $73 then you could probably retire a contented woman. I hope you didn’t invest in more tix. I think they let you win $40 just to string you along.

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