Gloria Reads The Encyclopedia

Gloria Ladner, the  retired middle-aged talk show  host, is back once again. Check out her award winning straight posture.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gloria:

1. Gloria trained for a triathlon in 1992. On the morning of, she back out due to a severe panic attack.
2. Gloria was born left handed, but was trained to live life as a “righty” after she found out left handed people were accused of being witches.
3. At the age of 14, Gloria insisted on getting a bowl haircut and has had one ever since.
4. Her childhood best friend, Agnes, is a professional clown. When the two meet for supper, Gloria has to take anti-jealousy pills. [which are really sugar tablets given to Gloria by her butler, Silvio.]
5.  Besides interviewing people, Gloria’s passion is sailing.

Today, she posted a video documenting her Sunday Afternoon!


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