Birthday Celebration

Today I attended my Uncle Peter’s 63rd birthday today in New York City.

Here is Uncle Peter, Aunt Kristin, and my 93-year-old grandma named “Nana” after the motherly dog from the Walt Disney movie Peter Pan.

We wear name tags to family events because it reminds Aunt Kristin of work conventions. She loves work conventions.

We ate delicious food and enjoyed great company on this end-or-summer Sunday afternoon.

I sat across the table from my cousin Kaitlin, Aunt Mary, and Nana. As I stuffed my face with spinach quiche, Kaitlin spoke about how she can’t believe it’s almost October. Nana jerked her neck towards Kaitlin and became extremely suspicious. Nana has a difficult time trusting anyone who is the age of 23. She was once betrayed by a 23-year-old grocery check out attendant.

Nana remembered Kaitlin is her grandchild and dropped her age biases. She became nostalgic. She grabbed Kaitlin’s hand and sang opera.

Their apartment looked great as usual. I was shocked to see that I was the theme of every painting in the place. I wasn’t sure if they put my picture in the frames only because I was visiting, or because they are obsessed with me. Either way, I’m flattered.

This one freaked me out because it was so close up on my eyeball. Yikes.

On the way out of the birthday party, Nana had a psychic premonition. She gets them about once a year. We know she is having one because she holds her head, like so.

When Nana came out of the psychic premonition, we all clapped. We try to encourage her. Last time she predicted the runner up horse of the Kentucky Derby. My father won $2000 bucks. This time she predicted Wednesday night’s ABC Family comedy television lineup.

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