Being Freshly Pressed

Today my “Paul McCartney Concert” blog entry was Freshly Pressed. It was featured on wordpress’s main dashboard. This was very exciting for me. Here is what it looked like.

I posted the entry right before I went to bed last night around 5pm. I woke up 15 hours later at 10:20am. I picked up my laptop from the floor without getting out of bed. It is strenuous because I bend over the side of the bed and lift the 17 inch MacBook Pro with my tiny wrist. I burn at least 30 calories per week doing so. I checked to see my blog’s stats and if anyone had commented on my entry. My daily happiness is directly effected by the amount of notifications I get on social media sites. I noticed wordpress had referred 22 people. The total views of the day was 94. I wiped the blurriness from my eyes

It was only 10:20am. Something weird was going on. That is a lot of views to have so early in the morning, I thought. I usually get 100 views on a GREAT day. WordPress usually refers 2 people to my blog at most. I circled the word “chop” in the photo above just for fun.

I instinctively went to the WordPress dashboard. I saw my “Paul McCartney” blog middle center. Happy Birthday to me.

I smiled.

I say, “Happy Birthday to me” because I was at Applebees this afternoon and the wait staff sang me the “somebody told me that it’s your birthday” song accidentally. The girl at the table next to us had blonde hair just like me. My birthday is in December. I ate the piece of chocolate lava cake in three bites.

Every time I checked the site, the amount of blog visitors increased. There was a constant flow of new comments. I felt elated. If anyone ever wants to date me, they can just send me a note saying, “I checked your blog 50 times today”. If anyone wants me to do them a favor, they can just send me a note saying, “I checked your blog 50 times today.” If anyone wants a kidney from me, don’t even ask cause they AIN’T for sale.

Thank you WordPress for Pressing me Freshly.

Here is me a few minutes ago enjoying the moment.

The ones after this got pretty riskay so I won’t post them.

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0 thoughts on “Being Freshly Pressed

  1. Congrats on being freshly pressed. Isn’t it awesome? You are a very funny writer and I have been clicking through your posts and laughing. Thank you!

  2. I missed your post yesterday but just wanted to say congrats on being freshly pressed! That is so awesome – I bet you had fun watching your stats yesterday. And chocolate lava cake too…you’re having a good week!

  3. I was Freshly Pressed twice last year. It’s quite depressing soon afterwards when you realise just how few people you’re actually reaching with your blog.


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