Awesome Songs.

I listened to my sister’s ipod touch on the bus today. Highlights include hearing Ashlee Simpson’s “Shadow”. It’s like, so sad, how Ashlee Simpson is living the shadow of someone else’s dreams. Her voice in general is also kind of sad. It devastates me. I just feel bad for the girl…NOT.

The three songs I enjoyed on the i-pod today were:

when the leaves– Ingrid Michaelson
when did you heart go missing– Rooney
take me to the riot– Stars

I found this camera in my basement.

It uses real film…

…and I can fashionably wear it around my neck.

I’m trying to make it the new fashion statement… along with shaving your initials in the side of your head.

I can’t wait to use it– just need to get batteries.

Random thought 1: I studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic my spring semester 2008 and lived with a host family consisting of a mom and dad, and their son. Their son had a girlfriend and here is what happened the first time I met her: My bedroom was in the basement. I was walking upstairs one morning to go into the kitchen to get a drink to take with my daily medicine. [if you want to know what medicine I take, send me a personal email…NOT] As I was passing the bathroom, the door opened and my host brother’s girlfriend emerged and began to greet me in the stairwell. She put out her right hand to shake mine, and as I put out my right hand, I realized, I was holding a pill in it. Instead I put out my left hand. She got all confused and thought it was an American tradition to shake hands with your left hand. I was shaking my head at this point, saying, “No, no, you we still shake it with our right hand”. She was curiously insistent and said, “No tell me, do you shake with your left hand?” She spoke broken english…I spoke broken Czech…a combination that would result in years of laughter to come.

Random thought: I used to instant message my classmates in college and say to them, “Why weren’t you in class today?” When I knew that they were in attendance. They would be like, “I was in class…and we talked and hung out.” I would say, “oh really?” Gotchaaaa. hahahahahaha.

Random thought 3: I finally really like my left eyebrow after years of not accepting it for who it was.

My best friend, Kristen, was the first person to tweeze my eyebrows when we were 12, after she begged and begged and convinced me to let her do it. She would say to me “you only have a few parts here, and here, that if I plucked would look so good.” So, being the “go-with-the-flow” kid I was, I reluctantly gave in. I looked in the mirror after she worked on them and my stomach and mouth dropped. They looked horrible. Since then I always had a spot that never grew in and when I used to get my eyebrows waxed, the woman told me that whoever was the first person to do them, totally ruined them. Darn you Kristen Judith!!! Here is a picture of her and I around the time of when she did them.

They were half straight across, half non-existent. Luckily they have changed and now fit my face. Thank you passage of time. Thank you.


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  1. I have a film camera somewhere, but haven’t used it in about 5 years since I got a digital one. I’ve been looking for it ever since I found a 5-pack of un-used film that I now want to use.

    Love your random thoughts!

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