18 Thoughts on 1/19/12

My name is Becky. I am 24 years old. I am a Production Assistant at a television company.

18 Things and Thoughts That Happened Today: 

1) I keep coughing. I am on day three of a cold. The way I get through work is by pretending I feel perfectly healthy and living in denial.

2) I walked 4 New York City avenues to the subway this morning. The walk was brisk. I wished I’d wore a hat.

3) I used the new clip on wide angle lens on my IPhone to take a picture of pollution coming from the sewer. I uploaded it to Instagram with the caption, “ahh. Nothing like city air”. I got 5 “likes” on the photo.

4) My new texting gloves don’t keep my hands as warm as I’d like.

5) I saw a missed call from my best friend on my work phone. I laughed at the preposterous thought of calling her back. I am so busy at work and have no time to chit-chat.

6) I ate a chicken salad wrap provided by work. I was so hungry that for the first time ever, I didn’t take off the tomatoes. I have always hated tomatoes. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. The seeds still FREAK me out.

7) I live at home. I don’t carry house keys. Someone is usually around to let me in. Tonight however, my parents and sister were at a “defensive driving” class. Attending this class takes money off their annual insurance bill. I called my father asking if they could leave the front door unlocked for me. He reassured me they would.

Towards the end of the day, I was tired. My mom texted me saying she locked the front door by accident. It got really annoyed. Our neighbor has a spare set of keys, but I don’t like bothering her for them. I wanted to respond with something like, “ughhhhhhhhhh”, but said, “that stinks”.

Afterwards I felt bad for making my mother feel even a twinge bad because she does so much for me and is really nice. I felt bad that she felt so bad. No matter what, she redeemed herself by cooking pulled pork.

8) I got a nervous feeling after I thought I missed my transfer stop on the subway.

9) On the subway, a man passed me saying he was a homeless veteran. I glanced up from my blackberry to see what he looked like. There was a McDonald’s bag coming out of his man purse.

10) On the subway platform, I thought about thinking about moving out. I thought about what it would be like to have a male roommate and if that would be weird.

11) I saw two girls get denied a cab. They begged, “pleaseee.”  Then laughed. The cab drove away. I felt like they should have been more confident and stood up for themselves.

12) I yawned at the bus stop.

13) I called my best friend to chit-chat. She didn’t answer.

14) I typed ideas from my day on my work blackberry.

15) There were no seats left on the bus, so I had to stand for 40 minutes.

16) I got home so late that my family was already home from class. I didn’t need keys to get in the house.

17) My father told me how he got yelled at by a woman who ran the defensive driving class because at one point, he stood up to get coffee. The instructor said, “Men” with an attitude as if all men did this kind of thing.

18) My sister and I bonded as we made toast for our pulled pork sandwiches. My arm is on the left, hers on the right.

This was not the most exciting day of my life.

But all these things happened.


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