21 Things that are Better Than Iced Coffee

Is there anything better in the world than light iced coffee in the morning?

The answer to that question is yes, of course there is.

I enjoy the taste of coffee and have an emotional connection to it after it saved my life in ’06. However, there are things in the world better than light iced coffee.

Things that are better than Iced Coffee include:

1. New love
2. Old love
3. Gently Used love
4. Accomplished To-Do list tasks
5. The smell of rain on a summer’s eve
6.  Martina McBride’s 9th album Waking Up Laughing
7. The random arrangement of letters on a standard computer keyboard
8. The fact that the author Uptin Sinclair existed
9. Icing on cupcakes
10. Mork and Mindy reruns
11. People with the first name of Mork
12. Cream Cheese
13. Neon Green sunglasses
14. Neon Green nailpolish
15. Neon Green  bobcats [spray painted, of course]
16. James and the Giant Peach children’s novel
17. Peach and the Giant James mini-seies [fan fiction, of course]
18. Counterfeit money
19. Left Handed People
20. The word “Conquistador”
21. Oreos

Things that are NOT better than Iced Coffee:

1. Broken hearts
2. Skim Milk [yuck]
3. The jewelry department in Macy’s [I always seem to be hungry when I’m there]
4. Having to work as a person who sells bus tours to tourists in Times Square, New York.
5. Martina McBride’s 2nd album, Wild Angels

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0 thoughts on “21 Things that are Better Than Iced Coffee

  1. 1. I am wearing Neon Green nail polish.
    2. I love skim milk.
    3. My Christian name is Martina Mork “Wild Angel” McBride Moriarty.

  2. you’re the first person I’ve ever met who prefers fatter milk then skim.

    skim milk is THE WORST!

    do you go whole? i know i do..

  3. I love you and your blog. ALso, I was reminded of how I have never been prouder as when you were playing Da Doo Run Run at a YMDI show and you won by saying “Uptin SInclair”

    I wish we could hang out someday.

    1. you were my first ever improv teacher! maybe you will be my last one too…if you ever give me lessons in the future.

      Thanks for loving me and my blog! Do you have a blog? I’m sure i would love it.

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