I left my house this afternoon for a bike ride. I rode down the hill and made a left onto Clove road.

Clove Road is a narrow two way street filled with speeding cars. I ride on the sidewalk to preserve my safety.

Clove Road

On my bike, I approached the telephone pole near the street’s corner.

road on staten island

“The area between that phone pole and shrubbery looks narrow,” I thought to myself.

My bike approached the gap. Going 15 mph.

dramatic reinactment

As I reached the gap, my right bike handle hit into the telephone pole.

“Uh oh,” I thought.

My balance became compromised. I closed my eyes.

The entire bike fell to its left, causing me and the bike to land in the bushes.


I opened my eyes. I saw hundreds of green leaves. I turned my head to the right. I saw a teenage boy in a bathing suit crossing the street. I smiled so if he saw me he knew I was ok. He did not see me.

I rolled my body over. Picked up the bike.

My shoulder was scratched. Which was ok. I could get a new shoulder.

photo 2

But my bike was broken. The chain fell off the track. I could never get a new bike. photo 3
That was the end of my bike riding career.

I walked the bike up the hill. To my house. I threw the bike in the trash.

I saw the teenage boy who has passed by me before.

“Hey. Did you see me fall off my bike before?” I asked him.

He ran away screaming.

“I guess that’s a no,” I said.




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