Tegan and Sara Concert Post Fake Rain Storm

Last night, I saw Tegan and Sara perform at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC.

Tegan and Sara are an indie rock band made up of twin sisters named Tegan and Sara. I love them and their music.

To get to the concert, I first had to leave work.

I walked down 45th street and encountered a movie set. Intrigued, I stopped walking.

“Action,” the director yelled. I should have known by his raincoat. And the actors carrying umbrellas. It was a rain scene.

The sprinklers turned on.

I got caught in a fake rain storm! Droplets fell atop my head. It was a lot of water. I didn’t move.

It was a weird experience. It made me laugh. I liked it.

Smarter than I people stood under the awning of BOND 45. 

Using a Dunkin Donuts napkin in my pocket, I patted my head dry.

I headed downtown stopping at Katz’s Delicatessen. Where I ate a scrumptious corned beef sandwich. That was the first time I’ve ever used the word scrumptious. IT WON’T BE THE LAST.

“Do you want lean or fatty?” The deli man who was making my sandwich asked me.

“Lean,” I said. Fatty pieces of meat gross me out.

“You want fatty,” he whispered to me handing me a plate with a slab or corned beef, “it’s better.”

I tasted it. It was good. Even though I still wanted lean, I said, “Tastes good to me. Bring on the fatty!”

Another sister band, Chaos Chaos opened for Tegan and Sara. I enjoyed them.

The back of their stage was lit with white lights resembling hypnotizing pinwheels.

The lights went dark. Tegan and Sara began playing around 10pm.

Their lights turned from purple…

to blue…

to multi color! 

It was an amazing concert. One of the best I’ve ever been to because I knew 95% of their music. Their music is a lot about relationships and love. (which I’m a sucker for) Also Tegan and Sara tell funny stories.

Here is a video I took of them performing “Nineteen”.


Seeing pairs of sisters perform made me miss my own sister, Emily.

I texted her, “GET TO BOWERY BALLROOM ASAP”. She showed up just as Tegan and Sara finished playing. I slipped the bouncer $30,000. We hopped on stage. Instead of singing songs, we held the guitar and smiled.

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