Picture with “Snoop Dog”

I work in Times Square, NY.

I had a half hour to kill (even though I’m a pacifist) between work and improv practice.

I walked around Times Square looking for something to eat for dinner. I was look specifically at the Food Trucks.

I went to the Rickshaw Dumplings truck. They were sold out of chicken thai dumplings, the only kind I eat.

I walked to the North side of Times Square and ordered a lobster roll from another truck. I can’t remember the truck’s name. I had been wanting to try such a roll since my friend Matt informed me they were delicious.

I ordered the lobster roll and walked toward the middle of Times Square. Eating the lobster roll out of a toasted hot dog bun, dodging tourists. I didn’t like the lobster roll because it had chunks of mysterious green stuff in it. I am a picky eater and get very suspicious of food texture.

My eye caught something in the distance. I saw the rap artist Snoop Dog. I felt excited, as if I had spotted “Where’s Waldo”. They should make a book called, “Where’s Snoop Dog?” And by, “they”, I mean someone who publishes for Urban Outfitters.

I walked closer to the crowd that surrounded Snoop. You could cut the anticipation and excitement in the air with a scissor! The only thing standing between me and Snoop was a pack of sporty Europeans. People were walking up to him and getting a picture willy nilly. “Where was his security team?” I thought.

I looked at Snoops hair. Saw his signature thin pigtails adorned with a children’s pony tail holders.

I was so excited to get my picture with Snoop.

I shimmied through a pair of tourists wearing matching Nike visors.

I got right next to Snoop. “Can you take a picture of me?” I asked a man-stranger, handing him my Iphone. He took the phone.

“He’s not the real Snoop Dog,” I heard multiple women say. I looked Snoop in the face. He was a lookalike!!!! An impostor!!! He was not the real Snoop Dog.

No wonder why so many people were able to get their picture with him. I thought Snoop was just being kind to his fans.

The man-stranger snapped the picture and handed me back the phone.

“You have to pay for a picture,” I heard an unenthused tourist say which inspired me to make a bee-line out of the crowd and run away.

I still love my picture real Snoop or not.

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