Photo of Me Stuffing My Face With Food

Here is a photo of me and my mother.

She is the beautiful, tanned woman.

I am the child eating what appears to be an entire hamburger roll.

For the past 15 years, the photo has hung on the wall in our den.

It is in a frame.

Someone framed it. 

I question the circumstances around how the picture was taken. I question who framed it.

I obviously enjoyed what I was eating. So much, that I had to eat it all at once. How did I finish chewing it without spitting some of it out?

Whoever snapped the picture did not wait until I was done chewing. Maybe they thought it was a funny shot. Maybe they had to take the picture in a rush because their camera battery was dying. Maybe they were psychic and knew I would use it as a blog entry 17 years after it was taken.

Our den was recently painted. All frames were taken down. I’ll miss glancing at the photo as I passed by it to enter the kitchen.

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