MY DAY 7.13.13

Today I woke up and looked in the mirror.

Am I still sleeping, having a nightmare, and looking at the monster from that nightmare? I thought to myself about myself. My appearance looked quite disheveled.
Last week, I got a 5 inch haircut. I did it because I was bored and indecisive. “Uhhhhhh, yeah, cut it short,” I told the hairdresser right before she cut it short.
I do not like the haircut. It makes me look like a child.
I power walked myself out of the house.
I walked to 3 miles to 7-Eleven to get coffee.
I stopped to smell a flower.
I do not know what kind of flower I smelt. It was not a rose, lilly, lilac, daffodil or sunflower. I know that much.
I walked by a man dressed in the same outfit as me.
I smiled at the identical outfit coincidence.
I passed a wedding dress store.
Using a magical lightening bolt. I brought the bride mannequin to life.
The other mannequin watching got jealous. She zapped me with her lightening bolt.
It did not hurt, it just tickled.
I could not bring her to life because I only get to use one magical lightening bolt per day. I am not on the unlimited plan.
I left the mannequins to fend for themselves.
I went to 7-Eleven. I purchased a medium coffee with French Vanilla creamer. And a large Poland Spring water bottle.
I power walked home.
I was texting while walking and walked into a tree branch.
It was funny.
I am glad I walked into a tree branch and not a man hole and not a haunted house. Haunted houses scare me!
I got home.
Waiting for me was my sheep cousin Lorraine. She came to New York from Great Britain.
I haven’t seen her since she was a lamb.
What fun times we will have.
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