Missed Bus

I work in Times Square, one avenue away from Port Authority. I had a 7:15PM bus ticket to NJ set to depart from Port Authority. I mentally prepared myself to leave work early enough to get to Port Authority.

I left work at 7:00. Dodged tourists. Sprinted to the 2 subway. Rode it one stop to 34th street. Got out of the subway car.

This is when I realized I was at Grand Central. Not Port Authority. I jumped on the next subway uptown. Questioned my sanity. And still made the 7:15PM train.

Which is a relief because I’m transporting a cooler that holds a rapidly defrosting baboon heart.

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0 thoughts on “Missed Bus

  1. You rode the 2 to 34th. That’s Penn Station, not Grand Central, but if it’s any consolation I also have a tendency to get confused when my destination is the Port Authority. I blame their both being a major transportation hub starting with letter “p”, but then again, my astrological sign is Discombobulated, or maybe I just have an aversion to traveling to leaving New York for New Jersey.

      1. Wow! this whole time I’ve been telling people Grand Central. I really have no sense of direction and I’m a native New Yorker. New Jersey ahh!!!!!!!

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