Fall Run on Staten Island

I left my house to go on a run.

“Becky,” I heard someone scream behind me. I turned around.

It was my mother. With her head sticking out the window.

She and my sister were putting up x-mas decorations.

I ran to Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island.

A lady security guard stopped me at the entrance. The fort was still closed due to the hurricane.

I ran to Von Briesen Park.

Which has a nice view of the Verrazzano Bridge.

The bridge connects Staten Island to Brooklyn.

I sat on a bench. Looked at the socks I was wearing.

I do not like these socks. They are not my first choice socks. I don’t mind how they look. I, in fact, I think the green pattern looks killer. It’s that they are annoying to put on my feet. As I put the sock on, my toe gets caught in the inner sewing of the sock. I have to take it on and off to put it on. Do you know what I mean?

I looked up.

And saw a bird.

I walked down this path.

And saw a view of NYC.

It looked tiny.

I arrived home from my run.

My sister sat in front of the x-mas decorations. With a fake snow blanket covering her left leg.

“Take that off your leg so I can take a picture of you,” I told her.

“I can’t,” she responded.

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