Journals 1994-2013

Here is a photo of the journals I’ve kept in my life. Starting in 1994 until the present time of 2013.


Here are a few entries:

1994 (7 yrs. old)


1998 (9 yrs. old)


2000 (12 yrs. old)

2000 (12 yrs. old)
*Yes, that drawing of me is extremely accurate.
2000 (13 yrs. old) !!!IMG_5858
Today is my 13th birthday. First, I woke up, mom made me a pancake then I watched TV. Next Emily had a b-ball game & lost to St. Ursulas. Then Daddy and I stayed for the next game. Hill lost again. Then Mom picked me up and we put up the x-mas lights. I got a camera, O-Town CD & film. Then I had a b-ball game & scored 3 pts. Then I had a pizza party at Euro-pizza. Kristen gave me a Wagner College bat & a picture frame with pictures in it. This was like the best present.
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