I Met Amy Sedaris Tonight!

I met Amy Sedaris on the street in the West Village in NYC tonight.

She is my comedy hero.

I recognized her walking towards me right away. She passed me. I turned around immediately. Followed her for 4 blocks in pure excitement. Called my sister. I felt so nervous. I knew I had to say hello and ask for a picture.

She crossed the street. I thought my chance to meet her was over.  I crossed the street.

She stopped at a crosswalk. This was my chance. I walked up to her left. I leaned forward and said, “You are hilarious. I just think you are so funny.”

“Oh thank you,” she said politely.

“I love everything you are in. Strangers With Candy,” I said.

“Oh thank you,” she said.

“Can I take my picture with you?

“Oh sure,” she said. She was so nice.

I took out my Iphone.  I was so nervous my hand was shaking. “I’m so nervous,” I said. She smiled. And snapped two pictures.

“Have a good night,” I said.

“You too,” she smiled and walked away.


I was so excited to meet her. I walked ten blocks in the wrong direction.

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0 thoughts on “I Met Amy Sedaris Tonight!

  1. That Is HUGH, I’m a big fan of her’s and her brother too. My only question is, could you have taken a shot with the two of you together where you blocked her out more?

  2. That’s great. What’s even better is that she was so great. At least you had enough self-control to not gush like a loon that you were essentially stalking her to say hi and take a picture together.

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