Elevator Singing for Cash or Coffee

I sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” acapella on the crowded, quiet elevator up to work this morning. I did it for three reasons. 1) To get a monitory tip 2) To brighten people’s morning 3) b/c it’s a great, catchy song that reminds me of The Lion King and makes me want to snap my fingers.

People stared straight ahead or looked at their phones, pretending it wasn’t happening. One woman put her handsĀ over her eyes.

The elevator rose. One by one people exited. Finally, it was just me and one man. He stood in the corner. I faced him, snapping. I took a deep breath and hit the “Awheeeeeeee” note. I put out my hand hoping for cash.

He apologized and said he didn’t have money, but nervously handed me his cup of coffee. I smiled and took it. “Did you put Splenda in this?” I asked as he exited. I don’t like Splenda.

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