Music and Trains

Above is a depiction of my subway this morning. Actors were used to portray real people. I slept in the city last night at my good friend, Maryellen’s [shoutouttt] apartment. I was [well still am] grateful to her  for allowing me to spend the night and make my morning commute easier. I will not tell you where from or to where I am commuting. I do not want to be stalked. It was mad crowded on the subway this morning- Lady Gaga was riding the subway with me. She was wearing a winter jacket with a big fur hood. When we made eye contact, she put her fingers to her lips and said “shhh”. I respect that about her.

I had never heard of them. They has a good beat and the drummer was really fast. It’s good to be fast if you’re a drummer-or if you’re an olympian speed skater- or if you’re a waiter. It’s not good to be too fast if you’re a waiter because there is the possibility of ruining orders, or speaking without clairty, or spilling hot soup on a passive patron and creating a Lenghty Lawsuit. I was once involved in a Lenghty Lawsuit which lasted over a decade. The years were worth the seventy thousand dollars I eventually received. My grandma wasn’t even that mad that I sued her. This is my grandma.

Unlike other grandmas, I call her by her first name…Nana. Her birth name is actually “Nana Seig” later it was changed to “Nana Krause” when my grandfather made an honest woman out of her. Nana will be 91 this month, making her the oldest woman with a myspace. Her pics are crazyyy. She didn’t join me going out last night and glad she didn’t because I didn’t get to sleep until the early morning hours. After the concert was over, Maryellen put on her ipod shuffle for everyone to hear. A few good songs came on and I felt something in my soul. Music takes me places. It once took me to South Dakota. This happened a decade ago, before the accident which caused the Lenghty Lawsuit, before the band with Mr. Irwin and my friend Katherine. It was a band called “South Dakota Ladies’ Choir” consisting of myself, and three hundred Fellow Singers. You should have saw us on opening night- dressed in matching outfits holding poles and tambourines. It was quite spectacular. The band didn’t make it past opening night due to a weakly structured bleacher system supporting two hundred and ninety nine women named Aretha and me, Becky. I love music. Below is Maryellen’s ipod and one of the songs I liked and recognized.

 It was a fun night. I am semi-exhausted today. However I am a 22 years old, healthy and damnnn good looking. I should take advantage of the great life I have and all the opportunities offered. I think I do. Probably could more.

Advice: if you’re young and healthy [or sick and old], if you have working limbs [or if you don't have working limbs], and if you’re up for a good time [or if you're up for a semi-good time] get up and do things. It’s ok if you’re tired because you’ll have plenty of time to sleep eventually.

Wow, that’s the best advice i’ve ever given. And I’ve given a lot of advice in my day. A lot of Advice in My Day.

This the lake on my street. Hopefully you do not recognize it, because I do not want to be stalked. I thought it was pretty pretty. I walked down the block in my converse sneakers and slipped and slid a little. As I approached the ducks I was certain they would retreat from my presence, instead they started waddling toward me as if I were holding a large piece of bread or was a warm shelter for ducks or if i were holding their duck-brother for hostage. I don’t think I would ever hold a duck’s duck-brother for hostage, but who know’s what I would do if large sums of baked goods were involved.  Actually, I do know what I would do- I would hold that Mother Effing Duck-brother for hostage.

It was a bad idea to wear converses in the snow.

I read three books since I began working a little over three weeks ago. Therefore it can be concluded one book a week. Think about how many books I can read in a year! two years! seventy years! They better start writing more books. By “they” I mean humans. By “humans” I mean authors. By “authors” I mean James Patterson. I began listening to music while I read- something I was never able to do, but have received the ability through divine powers.

You can see me multi-tasking in the photo above. The converse sneaker seen in the upper left hand corner doesn’t belong to me, but rather a homeless teenager laying under the bus seats. Her leg was like up against mine. It was weird.


Today is National Zipper Appreciation Day!

The impetus for National Zipper Appreciation Day originated with Sir. Charles Trimm, a zipper-maker in Hartford, Connecticut. His primary motivation was to campaign for the cause of unappreciated zippers in garments and wallets. He also hoped to persuade zipper owners to tap into the function and multipurposefullness their zippers could provide.

National Zipper Appreciation Day [NZAD as an abbreviation] is a secular holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada on the first Tuesday in the month of February and is celebrated in the United Kingdom on the last Thursday in June.

Official Song of NZAD

In 2003, the National NZAD Council Crystal River, FL announced that “A Song for Zippers” by Christian Hackley would be the official song for the National Zipper Appreciation Day holiday. United States Senator Noreen Kilmey told President Obama: “It is fantastic that ‘A Song For Zippers’ was chosen as the official song of NZAD. You have put into words the exceptional versitility between zippers and their possessors.” The contraversial third verse, written by C. Hackley’s 16-year-old son, John was kept in after four revisions sessions and a bribe of seventy three thousand dollars.


Oh Zipper, Zipper, you know that I respect you
I love all those things you hold together.
Oh Zipper, Zipper, you know that I respect you
I love all those things you hold together.

Verse One: [written by Christian Hackley]
Going up to ski, zipper up your jacket
Playing table tennis, zipper up your racket [case]
My prom is tonight, let me slip into my dress
‘Mom come help me zipper this’ I am in distress.

 Verse Two: [written by Eileen Hackley, wife of C. Hackley]
Just me and my zipper, spending time together
You are shiny silver on my jacket made of leather.
Let’s go out on the town, a concert perhaps- then desert!
Up you go, but wait, you got caught in my new shirt.

 Verse Three: [written by John Hackley, son of C. Hackley]
Release my shirt from your teeth, you decrepit no good zipper,
I rip you from my shirt, and kick you with my slipper.
No wait, I’ll kick you with my boot that zippers up the side,
DAMN you no good zipper, from my wrath you will not hide.

Oh Zipper, Zipper, you know that I respect you
I love all those things you hold together.
Oh Zipper, Zipper, you know that I respect you
I love all those things you hold together.

(c) Christian Hackley

A word from the editor:
I usually don’t honor holiday’s that are not FDA approved, but I will honor NZAD because I “respect” zippers, just as the song says, they are under-appreciated and I was not blackmailed by C. Hackley’s 16-yr-old son. He is an upstanding young man who should be released from the upstate New York Juvenile House of Corrections as soon as humanly possible.


A delivery man dropped off a package for my co-worker while she was away from her desk. When she returned, I said “Christina” [Her name is not christina, but I do nottt want to be stalked] “Christina” someone dropped off a package for you. As she picked up the package, my other co-worker, “Martha”, turned her head in curiosity.

I said “Cool! Ohmaha steaks”.

“Martha” said to “Christina” “did you order the steaks from that email we got?

“Christina” didn’t respond but proceeded to open the box filled with office supplies from Office Max, while I rolled my chair down the hall, strumming my fingers together.

I am trying to figure out the purpose of this blog. A Documentation of Events perhaps…or Ideas…or Thoughts [which are similar to ideas].

There they are.

Discovery while changing sheets.




I was curious what the first word used in this blog would be…and apparently, it is forever. Well, that came out of nowhere- i surprise myself every day. Wow, I did not forsee my first blog entry to be this way; I forseed, excuse me, foresaw it to be different, life changing, inspiring. I started a blog in my head for the past month…but I never got any views on it.

I want to make a mixed cd. I like to make mixed cd’s. I like to discover music. Music brings me to a new place- It brought me to San Francisco about a year ago, when I was traveling with the band I started. I played the piano in the band. My friend Katherine sang. Mr. Irwin played the piano. He was my seventy three year old blind neighbor who used to play on Broadway [on the corner of 28th and Broadway to be exact]. The band became a hit for nearly three months until Mr. Irwin and I saw things differently…which was ironic. Two pianos in one band doesn’t work. Unless it is a piano dueling concert. I left him in San Francisco. Why are my sentences so short? That’s a rhetorical question. Unless someone has the answer.

I wonder if many first time bloggers say, “I can’t believe I’m finally starting a blog”, or if they say “Finally, good for me, I’m starting a blog”, or “I can’t believe this blog doesn’t have spell check”.

I have so many thoughts running through my head, it’s overwhelming. This blog entry is over. I’m also compulsive and want to see what this blog looks like when I hit “publish“.

I’m back. Lucky for you, this blog has a “preview” option. I wonder who you are. Did you come across this blog with an accidental spasm of the hand? Did I tell you to read this blog and you are doing it in kindness? Or are you secretly obsessed with me and saw the link on my facebook because you check my page daily? Maybe you’re a stranger who I will never meet.

The end.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!